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So here I am, 7 years later. Attempting to write again and share those ridiculous inner thoughts. We shall see how Long this will go before I miserably give up again. Lol

So, there has been much going on. Mostly revolving around my personal life. I have someone I come home to whom I call Husband. Oh and I have a real home to go back to, after many many years of living like a nomad. Although sadly it became our weekend home after the Husband decided to work in the East instead. It's so far and nearly impossible for us to travel cross country everyday. Though I will miss the occasional romantic dinner in the car while being stuck in the jam 😏

On other aspects, life has been great and not so great. Yeah I know, I'm just making it complicated. I'm not going to tell Grandmother story, I'll save this for another day. But all I can say now is that I'm trying to make a change and change is probably what I need. To make it more interesting, I've decided to note 5 interesting/meaningful/different/weird things that I observe/learnt/grim against everyday.

Tomorrow, we start. :D

Will be away for a week.

when i'm back, will then tell you allll about it!

hint: villages, hills, and more villages. lol

Must tell myself to enjoy. sigh.

Much love. Toodles~


I can be Hulk,

if i have to be.
*Evvil laughter Niahahahha*

Holidays end dah.

Final sem start dah.

It's time to grow up!
*slaps self.


It was my cousin's wedding few weeks back, and i have always love attending weddings. The long elegant wedding gowns, the veil, the catching up of relatives, the laughter, the old meeting the young, taking photos with the brides, photoflashes everywhere. The oath of two love birds in venturing their future paths, through joy and sorrow, together forever. They can even be so emotional for some. It's just, happy moments are to be shared. and what's better than sharing with all of our loved ones, no?

And then we have traditions. and the tea ceremony.

pretty pork, anyone?

After the tea ceremony and some food, we headed to the bridegroom's place together with the bride. It's some tradition, and the bride's parents are not to follow. So there we were, all the way to Bahau which seemed like forever. Damn far can. 45 mins journey and it's still of N.Sembilan. can reach KL in 30 mins from Seremban ok.

Even passed by some hills which i never knew existed. lol
So i explained to my sister who missed out on the wedding, that we were at the village side with the cool air, scenic surroundings, friendly village people, cows grazing the green green grass, horses running around the field..
which pretty much is not true. lol But it's a nice place to relax i think. Small and cozy town. Dinner later that night was great. Yam-sengs as tradition of wedding dinners, and pretty small princesses running around. :)

and this, my beautiful mum. :)

and and, a vain side of mine for closings. lol

*if only.... forever after existed.

Malacca, again.

During the short holidays. So, Malacca Bandaraya Bersejarah always become one of the favourite places to go. and here they come, yet again. But it's fun, to join and be a tourist together. Strolling along the Jonker Street under the uber super hot scorching *lkjdfg@#jfhg raging sun isn't much fun anymore. Anyhow i'll still get in the crowd of being tourist and chik-chak around. Still fun that way. : )

Okay sorry for the photos being all shuffled up. I'm lazy in a way to sort it. Same meaning anyway. We had same old same old typical Malacaan food : chicken rice ball, cendol, nadeje mille crepe, satay celup and all sorts of liquids/fluids. Was only a one-day trip so didn't have much chance for other stuff. Oh and the lovely AiVy joined us this time. : ) We headed for Menara Taming Sari, and actually queued nearly half an hour for the tower. not forgetting the awesome sun above us. Super hot can. But wasn't all that bad, 80m above with erm Malacca view? Oh and being cheapskate like that, I took a picture of our group photo instead of buying it. Like this also boleh lah..

So the end product of the day : each of us, sticky and worn out with bloated tummy.

and some love to complete the day.


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