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Days ahead.

will be better.

Hoolidaysss! (just over! *sulk)

but another week of holiday ahead.

but there's still something missing.

not that anything could replace it.


Met up with darling Van & Bel, short and sweet.

All i could say.

and there was soo much to catch up with, there's always not enough time!

Happy birthday to Miss Soon!

Morning dim sum + cake with 2 chocolate balls = weird perfection of a 22nd!

I hope it would be indeed a great year for you despite everything.

Be strong and everything will be great on your side.

For now, i need to get back to reality.

Back to studies i shall!

I'll be a better person

and learn to appreciate the bright side of life.

*wants to be happy


I dont wanna see a thing.
I dont wanna speak a thing.
Just tell me what to do.
Hold my hand,
and guide me to the right path that should be.
What if choices were to be made again.
What would it be this time.

*so random.

what is lost

Sudden thought.Sudden tears.
I know i'm supposed to be alright. I thought i did.But this morning proved me wrong. I couldn't really explain why. But emotions just suddenly came running along. Every morning, when the thought of life comes along. Then i realize what will be missing. I really need to get clear of myself. This would be really distracting. I'm confused. Why am i only having the after effect. Isn't it supposed to be better. Because we are at least sort of over it. Literally.
Two tests this Thursday and not much have been covered. However I don't feel any stress worries or anything. oh and i had a chance and even time for full shopping today but i totally totally have no mood for it. I just wanted to be home.
Okay i am totally fine now. I AM fine. I will be. rawr! =)
and i will be off to studies~



On a happier side,

Miss QuanPing is finally 21!

Happy Birthday to you!

and we love you ya?
thanks for dinner!
and and hope you had a blasting blast day!



Live life like you never had before.
Why mourn over the past.
Why frown over the future.
Let the present speak itself.

and not forgetting,
Love life.
Love yourself.
Love humankind.
Love the nation.

Seriously, life's too short.
Appreciate everything.
every single thing.



Something neither I nor anyone could take it.
Some rather be in denial.
I really couldn't find the perfect words for now.
We all know that you are great.
great that noone could ever replace your existence.
Cause you are special like that.
It is such a great loss for all of us,
that everyone is in total shock.
We will always have you deep in our hearts,
missed badly by all loved ones.
We love you.
and may you rest in peace.

*what will it be without you in our lives.
dread the thought of it.
let's just assume you're in a long faraway vacation,
never coming back again.
Please i pray, bless the family and all loved ones of hers'
May the tears be the strength in every soul.


Oh btw, Happy Twenty Ten to everyone!

The blog continues here....

and will to be continued.

will be updating every now and then.



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