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Stressed out

Exam exam n exams everywhere! Ugh another week of facing the books and yay, 3 weeks of enjoying myself! Havent reallly plan of any trip to anywhere, but it'll be done soon. Hehe i'll update on this blog after my exam. Now, it's temporarily unavailable. Lol.. Will be starting my exam with an english paper on the Monday,.. :( oh oh n btw, Happy pre-April's fool!! =D

Sick time :(

Hun's not feeling well..Hun has a sorethroat.Hun has no more sorethroat. Hun has cough and flu. Hun has no more cough and flu. Hun has a fever! Hun has no more fever. Hun's not feeling well..He's still not feeling well.. :( Thanks to the so hot weather and the bad food in uni here. Hun fast fast recover and remove your 'sexy' voice away. :p Hope hun recover asap and can be sampat together along with me, and be noisy and loud as ever. *but of course control abit the loudness lol.* Quick quick! *prays* :x

Today was as if we were rushing for a plane or something like that. I was walking in a faster pace to places today. First of all, somehow i woke up earlier today, which is exactly when my alarm rang(suprisingly). Usually i'll jus snooze it till it's really time for me to be up. Wanted to go to coe before class so rushed for a quick shower in the morn and rushed to coe to print my outline, just to find out that the shop opens only at 9.30. -.- Weather was soOo teribbly hot and dry that i asked hun to fetch me along to class. Rushed to class, then rushed to coe again later. I went to print out my outline whereas hun had his early lunch. Then rushed to mph just in time to help out around before my watt performance. After packing up the instruments, got ready for the performance in upten. Around 12 it started. I was in the second song played, where me as the keyboardist. Hmm sad, didnt really do well. Did some mistakes in the beginning. :( After playing we rushed back to ba for my chem quiz. During the quiz, we rushed to quickly finish the 3 kinda tough ques.. Later at 2, rushed to coit for my english class. As usual, was a busy Wednesday. Finished class at 6 with a very heavy rain.. We planned to have a game of badminton but sad, mph couldnt be used. Finally, able to have some little rest at home before dinner. Me just got resting a while now while filling up space in here before starting my cal.. Will be having cal test this fri, and feeling so worried. :s
Nexxtt---> some pics of course.. ;)

Preparations before the performance..
The main characters..
And me..being the small fry..Not forgetting the bored awaiting, faithful supporters, being there ezXtra early.. hehe :)

The Keys to Your Heart

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Do You Get Enough Sleep?
Quite true that i dont get enough sleep..The proof is my black panda eyes.. Lol.


Feels so empty, being alone in the world. Where noone is around you, where nothings makes a sound. Not even a movement. Seeing the car being so lonely in the carpark, with the bright sun shining directly at it, just make me felt like capturing the lonely moment of it. LOL Just imagine you're as lonely as the car. How is it like?


Earthquake in Coit building around in the afternoon..At first we didnt believe Xwei but then saw in the news that Sumatera was struck by earthquake. Then we were like, uh huh. Lol~~ It was quite a busy day for me. Tiring indeed.. I finished my class at 1 and went back for Geisha movie. hehe.. PHew luckily i realised that i havent hand up my lab report, and rushed down to BH in the noon. Then rushed back up to take hun's pendrive, then rush back down to the waiting car. And then..cos of some change of plan instead of the band practise, we decided to enjoy ourselves and head for midvalley.. I was so not dressed up for mvm. I was more like for going just for dinner in a simply small stall anywhere. lol. Our main purpose was actually to buy a pressie for Xwei but instead, we spent on ourselves and totally forgot bout the pressie. *our bad* We walked around, shopping for clothes. Ended up, hun bought a pants and a pinky sandals for me, and i got 2 lovely tops in the last moments. ;) For dinner, we had food in Ayamas! Yeah, was sooo long ago the last time i went there to eat. It's quite cheap actually.. Had a set dinner.
The main dish was this chicken set which looks quite appetizing..We finally headed home after dinner. Hehe ;)

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