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In need of serious self consciousness. i mean er. seriously. what have i been thinking. this is so bad for health. and to me. seriously. how could it turn out this way. i need a rest. slack and shop. as if i'm really tired of everything la. but i'm quite enjoying myself though. workloads are coming up real soon but it's already the festive season. Christmas always give people a good feeling all around. With the joyful songs being heard everywhere. Ahh i love holidays. don't everyone do. =) Besides the holidays, there's this day of celebration as well! *hinthint*

if i were to blindfold myself. where will i be headed to.



Tired and discontented.

Guess where, last week.

I'm bloated

My face, a bittergourd?

I'm moody.

of nothing.

which makes me even more moody.

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