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A short one.

Did i announced, that i've finished one paper? Wohoo~
That was supposed to be a killer subject's paper, but ended up to be one good one instead. lol Thanks to our lecturer who gave us review question, which was actually our tips. Tips so accurate that some values or diagrams did not even change a bit. So ya, that's all for the tips. Cause i don't think there will be anymore for the other 4 subjects. It's only the beginning but it felt like the end for me. Finished one paper and laziness come crawling all over. Again. It was so hard to be in the mood for E2 last night, struggling to fit everything in the tiny brain. And now another 4 more. I can do it! Cause i'm soo looking forward for Wednesday night. Food food, holiday, good night sleep, pampering! AHH..paradise. Anyway anyway.. I need to guide myself back to reality. Studies first. You know how much I loRve studying. *ugh* In one way, I'm glad one of my thick books can be sold and $ka-ching$! In another, i'm looking towards even harder subjects. :( It doesn't feel like a Friday at all. I need to think real hard what day is it to countdown the days. I guess staying at home everyday, doing nothing but studying and eating really makes me get lost track of the day. Exam time, supposedly will make normal people get thinner. I guess i'm not normal. Cause i don't feel thin at all. On the contrary... *sads* I shall not continue my nonsense details. My face did show exam stress though. Another *sads** :((

I finally received my package. **yippie yippie!


You use it everyday.
Day and night.
If you don't, Shame on you!
I love brushing teeth.
One thing, it makes me feel fresh, free from bad breath.
It also makes my hunger disappear.
Cos usually I wont bother to eat after brushing teeth.
I'm lazy to brush another time. Once is enough.
Yup i'm that.
and and and...
It seems to help cure pimples/zits.
I'm yet to prove the myth of that.
I just tried it on my few darn white n red dots here n there..
and the little-not-helping-fellow simply laughed at me.
You=so bad.
But nevermind i still sayang you. hahah
Anywayy...I simply googled it to find the truth of it.
AND there really were many others that tried on this myth.
Some gave negative feedback but there were still those with positives one too.
So for those who are interested to try on this overnight remedy,
some simple steps for you.

1-Rinse face with water thoroughly.
2-Apply medium size amount on pimple/zit and small surrounding area.
3-Let dry on area for a period of time:-
4-After some time, rinse of thoroughly (till all paste is clean and gone)
5- Pat dry with towel. Don't be too harsh. It's bad for your face.

Very the simple steps.
I'm trying on it now but I'm doubting of it's effectiveness though.
Some said that toothpaste made the skin red and irritated, making the pimple worst.
So better be careful with what you're doing there!
It may just be a myth.
So then, just use it on your teeth.
They're formulated for that purpose anyway. =D

So much, words can't describe.
But yet.

Where do we go from here.
This isn't where we intended to be.

We shall see.

groupie stu-die.

*blink blink*
In a blink of an eye, the night finally arrived.
That's not a too good thing cos time flies toooo quickly!
Few pages few chapters few examples
and it's time to eat again.
Goodie thing bout that is that I can munch munch munch!
and rest my exhausted brain.
Speaking of munching.. I've been munching wayyy too much for the day.
With all the junk supplies around me,
it's hard to resist.

especially when there's someone to accompany the greed.
Fighting for the food would make the food tastier, haven't you heard?

Dinner was at Old Town Equine Park.

Argh food wasn't too good.
Other outlet's food are much better!
Putting food aside....
we wanted to do our studies there but the shop was a little small with limited seats comparing to the one in South City's.
and the table were too squeezy for the 4 fatty us.

So,back to the traditional study place we were.

Equine Park's 24 hours.
There were many many students cracking their books there.
Some known ones as well.
Only during exam fever.
We were lucky to get an outside seat,
or I'll freeze to death inside.
Close ones should know how easily i get cold.
All worried bout my Turkey trip this November.
I hate freezing..

All hitting cramming cracking digging into the notes.
Filled up with all the exam mood.
I am too!
fully fully worried and concerned. =P

and yet here i am blogging bout my day.

Now it's my turn to burn my midnight petrol~

Don't we all love studying?


Happy Deepavali
to all Hindus!

Come to think of it,
we really have many variety of food and traditions here.
I may not be really used to eating Indian food,
but i still think they're special.
I like their bread most!
Roti Roti Rotiiiiii~
oh and their sexy sari.

**craving craving for RotiCanai now

Worried, yet lazy.

I'm so worried.
I'm so so worried.
I'm damn blardy worried.
Counting down in 6 days for finals.
11 days for Holiday~!
Can i have my holiday, skipping the days of finals.
I only have few days left to fit all information and unimportant knowledge into my tiny brain.
So i shall spend my days well.
So so so well,
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

that i went for facial today.
Contradicting with all of my worries.
Why aren't I stuck at home staring at the book whole day eh?
Ya i'm also wondering..
Well, can't blame me.
I'm actually just accompanying my sister for facial.
So my as well just relax for the afternoon. =)
No i'm no vain.
oh i'm good.

I've already have little plans my after-finals days.
This that here there.
KL, Penang, Genting, Melaka, Turkey*wohoo*, Uniten.

I'm absolutely superbly duperbly sexcited!!

Back to the ideal reheat Rankine cycle. Thermodynamics.
Pump, Boiler, Turbine, Condenser anyone?
Thermal efficiency = Work net / Heat in.
Work = h2-h1
bla bla blaa...


What am i doing here.
Staring at this eye-spoiling screen for hours
without moving.
except to change leg position
and to rush to the loo.
I'm glued!
No food.
No bath.
No communication.
No exercise.
No food.
& no food.
Anyway..i'll have a lonely weekend up ahead.
All for studies shall I.

++oh btw i just got myself a camel-ish/ochre brown bag.
I wonder how and what i'll wear it with. ;)
But blah just give it a try.
I'm very excited to receive it anyway.
Soon soon soon!
YAY, again..

Okay okay off i go to bath!
Off i go to make myself dinner.
Ooffffffffffff to study!
or so.

I'm back

Okay okay.
It's been almost, nearly but not yet 3 weeks since i last blogged.
Main reason, procrastinating.
No wait, i've been busy!
Tests & assignment filled up my days, as usual.
Hence the late post.
Ya that's why. ; )
First up,
Happy Anniversary, You!
how long?
730+ days & on going.
That may be quite long but just actually not long enough.
Many, lots to explore and get down to.
Er wait why does it sound wrong. lol
Blah far times were great.
There were the not so great ones as well, but there's no need to let one day rain make a year's drought disappear right.
(direct translation la. I don't know it's english terms hehe)

We had 3 attempts for a little anniversary celebration
but why doesn't all go smoothly well?
Attempt 1:
Sushi King RM2 promotion bonanza!
Since the duration coincide with our date & we didn't have anywhere better to go,
we gave it a try on their last day of promotion.
It's a definitely that all the shops will be filled and crowded with sushi eaters.
And so it is.
We went for Jusco Equine Park's around 6 smtg and there was already a line queuing.
Waited for a little while & we were offered in.
but we have to share the end table with a Malay couple.
Ah wth we only want food so we just agreed to it.
Ahhh sadly the table is not even connected to the belt so we had to get out of our seats to snatch sushi.
But was not too bad cos u have to get those purple n red plates during promotion!
Don't make it not worth all the wait. :D
So, we spent our dinner with another two unknown stranger directly opposite us.
Awkward feeling. but we concentrated more on our i didn't bother.
They seem to be good homosapiens anyway.
Attempt 2:
Finally, some shopping @ Pavilion!
We were joined by the two clowns.

Although we initially planned for a day alone, I was alright that they joined.
At least they make things more cheerful & weren't like those who only spoils the day.
So ya it was alright. :)
After lunch all was going well.
Been some time. i've not been to Pavilion.
Cos i can put all the busy moments at the back of my head
and the only thing to worry is what's for dinner & what's worth to buy. :(
I was still smiling.

my stomach go against the mind.
It started pulling around.
I had no appetite for lunch
had some Milo and later on expensive home-can-make hot chocolate.
I couldn't smile.

My body was aching me.
Felt like my fats=tonnes.
Only moments when I stood then i need to squat back to my comfortable position.
Squatting makes me feel much better.
I couldn't even care about all the staring strangers.
I guess gastric was killing me.
I had much to burp even when i haven't had any food.
Thank you for your hand.
That held on me throughout the time.
Weighing all the pain out each time i held on you was one of the best relief i could get.
That night i finally vomited all my uncomfortable feeling straight after dinner.
Couple minutes of good feeling and clear stomach, then the pain came back.
I was feeling pretty sick that two days.
and you had all the trouble taking care of the troublesome me.
Thanks and sorry ya.
Just want you to know that i really do appreciate all of it.
And yes yes yes i will take good care of myself.
with my food and all.
*halo shines on head*
So i guess that's it. for our purfect anniversary.
Thanks to me. ) :
Attempt 3:
Clear windy blue sky.
Great weather.
Wanted to treat him a little more.
Drove all the way to him & made all the way to the Gardens.
Lunch at McD Drivethru.
Was my first time and i was excited for the drivethru! hhaha

Max Payne!
We watched.
My comment = hmmm.
I dunno, jus a little weird?
Not an overall good film, that i can say.
A good simple day.
I'm tired so i'll just keep it short.
He just couldn't let go of his psp.
Being a must to bring it everywhere.
And shopping with me, psp is a necessity.
I'm glad anyway, this way he won't be yawning away or complaining. ;)
He'll just wait so patiently, i have to move him around.
Even during dinner in the few minutes, he was already longing to play.

I'm an understanding girlfriend.
So i'll just keep myself busy.

This time, service was bad.
Food was worst.
And we paid for all that's not worth.
We could have eaten better meals rather than the RM60 Kenny Roger's.
Tony Roma's at least!
Unsatisfied movie.
Unsatisfied food.
: (
That's it for our attempts.
We concluded, there's always next year.
And btw our 3 attempts make 1 ggreeaaaaaaaaaatt awesome one!

So blah.
Oh no i've wasted like many many minutes on this post
which i'm suppose to spend on my Signals!
Finals starting next Friday.
And i'm yet to study.
I'm tired.
Back to studies I shall.



Second graduation portrait finally hung on the wall.
Putting them side by side, we could see how everyone changed.
It should be around 5 years.
The most drastic change would be mua.
And yes, it's a good thing!
OMG i seriously omg myself.
*closes eyes*
Oh and if you noticed, the right side seems to be in nicer formation.
This time, it's expanded to 6 of us.
No more only 5.
Hmm where to hang mine next?
And i'm already wondering how many of us will there be in the portrait.
I'm meaning increasing numbers of course!
Next next next?!
But I don't wanna graduate so too soon either.
I'll wait patiently.
= )

Seems like forever

Listening: Fergie - finally

Really seemed like forever.
This boring week.
But it was good that i got used to it.
And it was all worth while.
Now..i'm just waiting.
For the right moment to squeeze him right in the arms.
Anticipating for the goodies brought back.
Wanted to watch Eagle Eye tonight..
Heard that it's a good show but how bout our tests?
Will they be good as well.
Lol see we shall.


White Rabbit candy has excess melamine


White Rabbit candy sample was found to have excess melamine, Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said on Monday. The amount of melamine found was 135 parts per million, compared to the permissible level of 2.5 parts per million for adults. All shops, supermarkets and other retail outlets have to take the products off the shelves to be destroyed, “if not, action can be taken under the Food Act.”

They are finally destroying all 'White Rabbit' candy..

They used to be one of my favorite childhood candy. : (
Just for those who have pathetic childhood and wonders what 'White Rabbit' candy is..

There they are!
Seee they look just so innocent.
They're just rabbits.
Why with the excessive melamine!
And now 0.1% of my past time can't be revived anymore.
I still remember how chewy the creamy candies can get..
The candies are wrapped in rice paper that can be eaten.
I'll prefer to chew them all together and let the paper melt.
Then leave it in my mouth for couple of minutes before chewing them.
for the day.

That's for the excessive melamine!
*i have NO idea what's with the white dot in the middle ):*

--in the loving memory of White Rabbit--
i'll miss


Off i go.
Back to the lonely room.
Though it's quite comfy n i'm loving it.
But it's lonely.
And i'm going to have to shift out all over again!
Hate it the most.
No more fast internet connection.
No more washing machine. :D
No more air-con.
No more water heater.
No more beauty sleep.
A month of full studies.
Finals only few weeks more.
But hey, i have my guy there.
And i can have late night suppers anytime.
And there's still the shopping after exams.
Or self-pampering after tests.
So ya, it's alright.



bird Flu

Remember there was a time when bird flu was becoming a treat in our society.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

only @

Big bird himself was actually in danger at that moment.
How tragic.

money ah poh

Listening : Abba - Mama Mia!

Guess who??

**Ah hui..wa ai wa de lai sa...***

We were in Tan Kim Hock buying some dodol and having the cendol there..
The cendol, especially their durian cendol used to be good but now it was only O-kay.
But many still go there to eat especially tourists just because of their famous publicity.
Anyhow, it was still a good place to get those Malacca famous delicacies..
Thanks to their publicity their price has been increasing!
Costly la..

Many many people were looking and staring at her..
When i first saw her i was kinda shocked.
I first thought it was another lady looking just like her.
She look pretty....old.
She was walking just slowly, held by some children.
She was already a grandmother, what can I expect right..
She looked just like in the movie.
My siss n I were interested in her actually just because of the 'Money' movie.
Since my sis loorve to repeat the few favorite sentence in Hokkien.
Too funny to be funny. :))

Yet she still smiled.
It was nice seeing smiles for today. =)

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