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I just HaVe to put this few pictures of the fireworks from PICC last week.

I only made it to the final show n it was nice..

I specifically like those glitter glittery bright sparkles.


Sorry for the outdated late post..


In relaxation

It's been such a stressing week..Loads n loads of stuff to do keep coming in non-stop n it's never ending. it's not even ending right now.. but i'm just to lazy to actually sit down n start putting myself around the books *:))* Well at least i did relaxed myself today. Had a quick walk around mines with hun in the noon. It wasnt all satisfying but my companion was. hehhe...
I'm pampered *.*

We're at Uncle John Kopitiam!

It's called 'cham' kopi & teh.
--anD It's just us--

Another week is soon to be over. What else is yet to come?

Assignments, project, tutorials..


Can i fit shopping n enjoying life in the list?


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