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My apologies.

for neglecting my blog.
But by each day, more and more come into my life
and i'll have soo much to write about.
Though how much i like to express myself in words sometimes,
i chose to express it in other ways.
or maybe keeping things off the mind.
or pouring it out to those close ones.
*tiny ones*
Maybe, maybe after the exams,
i'll really spend some time updating.
Know me, the procrastinator.
Who isn't?!
Anyway, exams are around the corner.
Facebook will be filled with status of stress and upcoming holidays.
and very true, holidays in like...
Oh did i mention, i've been eating.
and i'm always hungry.
which made me the greediest one among all.
which is so Not true.
the other shortie
but it's alright.
cause it's exam week.
and cause cause i'm a growing teenager.
We always need full nutrition = lots of food.
I need a day where i can indulge myself with all the favorites!
that includes every.thing.
and the day shall come.

I miss ma home and the food.

and i miss outing with everyone.


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