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outdated post

of lovely Sherry & me
pictures pictures of overwhelming silliness.
no further details to be added but just for the eyes of sherry jelly.
[[ hope you're happy, me showing how cute u are with ur cute fringe to the whole world! ]]

Into a sea cucumber

I'm just posting this just to show something different that i've done for the day.
Okay sure, sorry that it's kinda disgusting.
kids below 12, please seek parental guidance.
ok. today, we're going to clean sea cucumbers!
*wee how exciting can it sound! ~~~
Firstly, what's a sea cucumber?
Quoted from Wikipedia,
the sea cucumber is an echinoderm of the class Holothuroidea, with an elongated body and leathery skin, which is found on the sea floor worldwide. It is so named because of its cucumber-like shape.

this is one pretty-looking sea cucumber.
let me show u the ugly side of it. lol

Personally, i think it's kinda grossss.. i HATE reptiles & they kinda look like one.
i practically have difficulty taking one of those having thoughts that they'll move any time and just suck on my hand. -_-" eh?
Soo.. i HAD(forced to) clean those as ordered by my mum. T.T

only this two pics will explain.
and NoO, it's not dung in the bowl on the left.
That's the clean cucumbers that i've digged its dirt out.
But seriously, putting aside its gross-looking, sea cucumbers are really good for health.

It is widely used as food & medicine as well.
I took this pic from wikipedia, showing sea cucumbers in a Chinese pharmacy.
Well, tat's enough for sea cucumbers.
Enjoy this post! ; D

2 to 1

if i am given both ma favourites, chocolate & doughnut and to choose only one.
which would i choose eh?
can i melt the chocolate and put it on the doughnut.
there, i'll have a combination of it.
2 in 1! ; >

nO, it's not called greedy.
it's called smart decision.
if only everything is just this simple.

a day out in the park~

Water fountain.
looking at the water dancing under the glaring sun makes me feel like wanna join the droplets in the water! ; )

the flowers of the park..

the start of camwhore. lol

and lastly, the twin of me is finally out!

I started my jogging plan today.
Watching the series "A journey called life" influenced me of their jogging hobby.
The guy exercised nearly all the time and he barely sweat as well. LOL
Soo,, i accompanied my mum with her walk today in the park.
As i will, for the next few months! ; >


i feel like an old woman,
or maybe just a pathetic unwell kid.
totally two different person.
an old woman when i'm complaining, and sighing all the way.
a kid when i'm needing pampering and care from my loved ones.

our free one-night-stay was faBO-LOUsS!


All the worries are gone.
why is the pain still remain intact.
has it been bleeding, bleeding so hard that it could not stop.
the droplets that accompany all of it.
it's just the unnecessary things of life.
seems to have became the neccesity of life then.
it's over.
what's wit the gloomy condition & scenario.
it's not over, then.
me miss you..
at least i think i do.
me miss them.
that i know i do.
me miss the fuss-free days.
back to the few years old time.
how naive you have been.
every single droplet is just another step to another.
there's no comparison in this.
where's my bottle of m.i.l.o.?

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