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He's here for me!
To wake at 8 smtg in the morning is already rare enough,
but he's sitting the bus down to meet me!
I'm not sure if i'm too excited to meet him or what,
but i didnt really had a good sleep the night before.
Same goes to him.
I woke many times, checking on the time.
Anywaaay...after picking him up we went to the eye thingy around Fajar area..
Err can it even attract tourist?
Me posing for the cam. :D
The shot wasnt really good but i still like the pic. lol

Lunch at ZingDo korean food..
While waiting for the food. as usual,, haha
Our set lunch.It was really affordable cause it cost only RM 8.90 per set,
inclusive of a drink n soup.
hehhe we were suppose to sort of like stir the food as in to cook it immediately
so i didnt manage to take it's original loooook
this will do.
My set, badly mixed.

We spent nearly an hour in Body Shop listening to some lady's talk about facial products for him, this that this that...
He is de.ter.mined. this time!!

Finally we were convinced by the lady.
She talked professionally, seemed very trustworthy.
So hun bought this set of starter kit.
-i like the bag ;)-
Then again, it's time for the bus ride back.
But i'll see u sooooon hun!
**appreciating the moments with you**
ThE season is coming reaaaal sooooooooon
Pressies are coming along toooooo!
Till then.

Outing with mua sis!

It's the sister's outing again~~!
I intended to meet up with some frens but jus to keep my sis company,
i promised to spend the day with her. ;)
The afternoon was sooo hot and lazy..
we fiinally finally got our lazy bums up,
and headed on for a shopping spreee..

The lovely dog which witnessed our vain self-shots.
Shots in the car..
In the dressing room, trying out real cheap tops.. :D
Exhausted after afew non-stop hours..
While waiting for my sis to try out her swimsuits, i started

Okkay..enough of the vain-ess already. =D
It was a tiring, yet aWeEsome day.
We spent nearly 200 for reAlly cheap & affordable deals.

Met up with Sandra and a few of them,
which i've not seen for a quite some time..
Just some pics of the few of us..

Me & Sherry

& Ah yang!

Why with the serious faces..

*Ong trying out his new gymnastic style*

With loves.

yet AGain!
THis time, pictures of us mostly only..ahahha

bus oh bus.. where ru??

me & you

Tabby the lion.
Cy the worm!



You can never get bored of it.


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