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So here I am, 7 years later. Attempting to write again and share those ridiculous inner thoughts. We shall see how Long this will go before I miserably give up again. Lol

So, there has been much going on. Mostly revolving around my personal life. I have someone I come home to whom I call Husband. Oh and I have a real home to go back to, after many many years of living like a nomad. Although sadly it became our weekend home after the Husband decided to work in the East instead. It's so far and nearly impossible for us to travel cross country everyday. Though I will miss the occasional romantic dinner in the car while being stuck in the jam 😏

On other aspects, life has been great and not so great. Yeah I know, I'm just making it complicated. I'm not going to tell Grandmother story, I'll save this for another day. But all I can say now is that I'm trying to make a change and change is probably what I need. To make it more interesting, I've decided to note 5 interesting/meaningful/different/weird things that I observe/learnt/grim against everyday.

Tomorrow, we start. :D


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